QR aroma by Ztyle

A scenario with scent, the set is hide inside a QR Code, you will discover all the secret smell and feeling in the code. A full collection of fragrance for each scenario, they are not only a scent, they are a life style, a character and a montage. They will recall your memory, like a gentle walk in the rain, taste of the spring fruit, a cup of tea and clean clothes after laundry. Each scent has it’s own story, and you will read the story through each QR Aroma.


一個場景、一個香味,這一個場口就是躲在一個二維碼後,你會發現這些秘密的香味和感覺就是這些密碼的內容。每一個場景香味也有一系列的香氛產品,它們不只是味道,它們是一種生活態度、一種性格和一個片段。它們喚醒了您的回憶,像在雨中的漫步、春天生果的味道、一杯熱茶和洗乾淨的衣服。每個香味都有其故事,您會從每支QR Aroma 內了解每一個故事。

Take a walk in the rainy day, you can smell the water in the air, so moisture and clean, it washed away the dust and dirt, give life to motherland, a feeling of Reborn.



Walking in the Rain

Do you remember the first bite of the Spring fruit after a long cold Winter? It is refresh and sweet, evoking happy and loving memory, the scent is full of energy and hope, just like you walking down the field of fruit trees, smelling the life of Spring.



First Bite of Spring

When you wake up in the morning, the first sip of a cup of white tea, refresh and gently wake you. Although it will be another busy day, let’s take this moment to enjoy the smoothing touch, and review the echo of the sweet dream. Prepare yourself for a brand new day.



Morning White Tea

This is a scent that make you feel comfortable, homie and safe. Imagine you washed all the clothes and bed sheets in the weekend, when you want to hang all the stuff in the roof top, a summer wind blow thru, you close your eyes and smell, it’s the cleanness and the purity.



Weekend Laundry


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